Convincing the same business with your Design and Quality

Siliconveli is comprehensive provider of Web Development and Design Services for all your digital needs. Websites, Blogs, forums, online stores, multimedia galleries, search engine optimization services, application security and more. We specialize in affordable software enabled services for small to medium businesses.


The Challenge in this project was to create something with modern and vibrant colors yet keeping the gist of the meaning of words Silicon and Veli which imply the eco-friendly nature of technology business being done. I personally found this assignment making me wear my creative helmet and create something amazing and convince my client with a smile of approval.


This project was exciting as it could ever be. The owner is an Australian who wanted his website to create a great impact on its investors and clients. Trust me friends, it is very difficult to convince someone in same business with your design and quality. For he is not only a well-informed and technically active client but also in the same business.

And it was a SUCCESS !